Law Office of John T. Quinn

We are a full service law firm defending citizens accused of crime. Often, an experienced attorney can make a big difference in the outcome of a criminal case. I have over thirty years experience representing Texans in traffic ticket cases to DWI cases to drug cases to assault/family violence cases to capital murder. I would welcome an opportunity to help you. My initial consultation is always free and can be done in person or by telephone. Many times, non-serious cases can be resolved at or before the first court appearance for a minimal fee. My fees start at $100.00 for traffic tickets and $2000.00 for DWI cases, DWLI, and Possession of Marijuana cases, plus $250.00 per court appearance. We accept cash, check, all major credit cards, and Bitcoin. More serious charges or contested trials cost more. Driver’s license hearings cost less (see below). We also handle Petitions for Non-Disclosure and Expungements.

Please be aware that if you were arrested for DWI or DUI, your driver’s license could be suspended if you either took and failed a breath or blood test, or refuses such a test. If so, you must act within fifteen (15) days of your arrest to avoid a license suspension. Likewise, your driver’s license could be suspended if you are charged with No Insurance, Driving While License Suspended/Invalid or Possession of Drugs (including marijuana) or Purchasing/Furnishing/Possessing Alcohol as or to a Minor or Possessing a Fictitious or Suspended or Another’s Drivers License.

If your license is suspended or blocked, you may be eligible for a court-ordered occupational drivers license. If you owe surcharges, you may be eligible for indigency relief. If you have outstanding traffic citations or Omni blocks, we can help you clear them quickly. The cost at our office is probably less than you think. Our fee for obtaining an occupational drivers license is $1000.00 (Brazos County). You are responsible for obtains SR-22 insurance coverage and and DPS fees.

We have represented more than 15,000 clients, including college students, their parents, professors, truck drivers, police officers, prosecutors, judges, and even other lawyers. We have the knowledge, connections and ability to help you. Call us today for your free initial consultation.