dwli-attorney-college-station-john-quinnA DWLI means you were driving with an invalid license. If you are caught doing this in Texas, there are severe penalties you may be facing. If your license is invalid and you are driving with it, you are driving illegally. Instead of being behind the wheel of a car, you should be in the passenger’s seat or back seat, getting a ride where you need to go from someone else. Your license will eventually be reinstated, but you will do yourself a big favor to not drive until it is.

If you are caught driving while your license is invalid, you may be lucky and get off with a warning. However, it is more likely that you will be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor. Even a misdemeanor can mean jail time and heavy fines. Plus, your license will be invalid for much longer, meaning additional inconvenience for you. If you get caught driving with an invalid license, you need to get yourself a good attorney who specializes in such cases. You need the Law Offices of John T. Quinn.

At John T. Quinn, you have the most experienced criminal law attorneys in Grimes County. Best of all, we are working on your side. We know all of the legal avenues we can take with your case to get the charges dropped, get you community service instead of jail time, reduce your fines, and get your license reinstated so you can get back on the road legally. You do not want to go into court facing a DWLI charge without one of our expert attorneys representing you.

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