Petition for Non-Disclosure

non-discloure-attorney-college-station-john-quinnAre you going through a criminal court case that is of a sensitive nature to your personal and/or professional life? Are you concerned that the details of your case may become available to your friends, family, employer, or even the media? Even if the case is already done and settled, there may be repercussions against you if the information about the case gets out to the people you know or the public at large. You may have been able to keep it a secret from others for a while, but you want to be sure it stays secret. If this is true for you, you need to get a petition for non-disclosure from the court.

Having the details of any criminal case in which you are or were the defendant get out to the wrong people can ruin your personal and professional life and reputation. You may be shunned by your family and/or friends, and even fired from your job. You want to avoid that, naturally, and keeping the details of the case and your involvement in it a secret is going to be important to you. You need a high quality, experienced attorney on your side to talk to the judge and convince him or her that a non-disclosure agreement between you and the plaintiffs is in the best interest of everyone.

If you are living in the Robertson County, Burleson County, Brazos County, or Grimes County areas, the Law Office of John T. Quinn have the answers you need. Our highly qualified attorneys know how to get non-disclosure agreements made, and they will work hard to do it for you, too. Contact us for a free consultation today, and begin to regain your feeling of privacy and security, knowing your secret will be kept from those you don’t want to know it.