Traffic Tickets (Including CDL)

traffic-tickets-cdl-attorney-college-station-john-quinnTraffic tickets can be a nuisance. However, if you have a lot of them, and they are unpaid, they can become a legal problem. If you rack up a lot of traffic tickets, or let one go unpaid, you can get your license suspended. In fact, you almost certainly will lose your driving privileges for an unpaid ticket, and your chances of losing your license increase with each additional ticket you get. You do not want to be considered a habitual, repeat offender in traffic law. Tickets may seem like a minor thing, but the government does not want people behind the wheel who consistently ignore traffic laws.

If you get a traffic ticket while driving a commercial vehicle for work purposes, it can be even more of a problem for your life. Companies that employ drivers with CDL licenses face increasing insurance rates when their employees get tickets. They do not want this, so they are more likely to fire you and hire someone who does not have a ticket on their record. Getting just one ticket could actually cost you your job if you are a commercial driver. This is something you definitely want to avoid if you want to keep getting paid.

When you have a traffic ticket you feel is unjustified, if you are facing license suspension for an unpaid ticket or habitual traffic offender status, or may lose your job because you got a ticket with your CDL, you need an expert lawyer on your side. You need the Law Office of John T. Quinn. We represent clients in Burleson County and all the surrounding counties, and are the area traffic law experts. Call us today and get a free consultation on your case. We can help you put those traffic ticket problems in the past.